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Binding Contract: Definitions. This Inspection Services Agreement incorporates the following Notice documents: (i) Limitations and Exclusions; (ii) Supplemental Inspection Services. When completed and signed by both Parties, the Inspection Services Agreement (the “Agreement”) becomes a legally binding contract between Cabal Inspection Services, Inc and the Client named in the signature block on Page 2. When used in this Agreement, the words “Cabal Inspection Services” “we,” and “us” refer to Ralph Cabal Inspection Services, Inc and its employees and authorized agents; the words “you,” “your,” and “I” refer to the Client; the term “Parties” refers to Cabal Inspection Services and the Client; the term “Property” refers to the address where we are hired to conduct inspection services; the term “Building” refers to the primary dwelling that we are hired to inspect; the term “Inspector” refers to the Cabal Inspection Services employee or authorized agent who conducts the inspection services; the term “Inspection Report” refers to the notebook/packet issued by Cabal Inspection Services upon completion of the inspection services; and, the term “Inspection Findings” refers to the observations and opinions reported by our Inspector and included as part of the Inspection Report.
Relationship of the Parties. The Agreement and the Inspection Report govern your relationship with Cabal Inspection Services. Please take the time to carefully read the Agreement because they contain important terms and conditions and have legal consequences to you. If, after reading the documents, you are not comfortable entering into the Agreement for any reason, you should not hire Cabal Inspection Services.
Purpose and Scope of the General Home Inspection. Our General Home Inspection is intended to assist you in evaluating the overall quality and general condition of the Building and its immediately surrounding areas. Our Inspector will conduct an impartial,
non-invasive, visual evaluation of the readily accessible, permanently installed systems and components of the Building, and will identify items that may need immediate or near-term repair or replacement. The inspection will be conducted in accordance with nationally and state recognized Standards of Practice in effect at the time of the inspection and referenced in the Inspection Report.
Limitations and Exclusions. The Inspection Findings will be limited in scope and based upon the visible and apparent condition of the systems and components of the Building, as they exist at the time of the inspection.
Post-Inspection Procedures. You agree to follow the Post-Inspection Procedures. You will contact us immediately and in advance of commencing any repairs if you have concerns about the inspection services we conducted. You will also give us an opportunity to revisit the Property so that we may evaluate and respond to your concerns. You further agree that you will hold Cabal Inspection Services harmless and will release us from any claim for damages, and/or any repair or replacement costs you may incur where: (i) you fail to notify us in advance and allow us an opportunity to revisit the Property; (ii) you fail to conduct a walk-through inspection (iii) the Property owner failed to fully and properly disclose existing defects.
Dispute Resolution. In the event any dispute or claim arises out of or relates to the Agreement, the Inspection Report, or the inspection services conducted by Cabal Inspection Services, and the Parties themselves cannot settle the dispute, the client will be liable for any and all attorney fees incurred by Cabal Inspection Services should Cabal Inspection Services be forced to enforce the terms of this contract.
Limits of Liability. Where permissible under state law, the liability of Cabal Inspection Services under any theory of liability (e.g.
negligence, breach of contract, consumer protection, etc.) shall be limited to the fee(s) paid by you for the inspection services you selected.
Time Limitation. Any dispute or claim initiated against Cabal Inspection Services must be made within one (1) year of the date the inspection services were conducted. This time period may be shorter than otherwise provided for under the laws and regulations of some states.