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What does having a pre-sale inspection do for you? Well, it does a lot more than you may think. When an offer materializes, a prospective Buyer will have an inspection performed on your home and use the findings in that report against you for the purposes of negotiations or repairs. A pre-sale inspection informs you of any deficiencies with your home you may not be aware of. As a seller, by having an inspection performed, you can plan ahead for any repairs that may be necessary which will help you get the highest possible selling price. It will also aid and protect you, the seller, while providing immediate pre-purchase information to the buyer at the same time.

A professional home inspection report is also a great marketing tool. Having your home inspected before you list it will make your home more marketable and attractive to buyers by letting them know they're working with a sincere and committed seller. It will provide a prospective buyer with a sense of good faith. By making repairs and disclosing the true condition of the home up front, before negotiations begin, you will create a more relaxed atmosphere and instill confidence regarding the home’s condition. This will help you sell your house faster and closer to the listing price without all the last minute hassles that may delay the closing, or worse, cause the sale to fall through.

Have your home inspected by a professional home inspector from Cabal Inspection Services before you put it on the market. Our trained professional home inspectors will provide you with a clear, informative and easy to read computerized report.


When you know a home inspector is coming to your home, preparing for the inspection will ensure the process goes smoother and avoids the inconvenience of return trips. To help, we have put together a homeowner’s checklist to help you make your home “Inspection Friendly”.

• Make sure all utilities are on and pilots are lit.
• Verify all light fixtures work (replace bulbs).
• Install a new filter in the air conditioning system.
• Ensure all windows are operating properly.
• Repair or replace all damaged or missing window screens.
• Adjust and tighten all doorknobs and handrails
• Make sure smoke detectors are operating and that there is at least one per floor.
• Provide unobstructed access to all appliances, electrical panels and secured areas such as crawl spaces and attics.
• Ensure you are able to provide keys for all locked doors.
• Make sure pets are secured.
• Make a list of all deficiencies and attributes, as well as major repairs and   improvements you have knowledge about regarding the home and provide them to   the inspector.

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