It’s time to get your fireplace ready for use. An open fire in your home is cozy and inviting in the winter but it can be dangerous, too. You’ll need these essential fireplace tools and accessories to keep your home safe and get the most out of your fire.

Tools to Tend to Your Fireplace

‏Fireplace Poker

‏Use a poker to shift burning logs without burning yourself. Sometimes the logs will need to be adjusted to allow more air to reach the flames. Most fireplace pokers have an insulated handle. This keeps the metal from overheating and burning you while you’re using it.


‏The andiron is a horizontal bar that supports the wood logs in the fireplace. The raised bar promotes airflow in the fireplace and helps to prevent smoke from building up. Without an andiron, the logs may just smolder – due to lack of oxygen – rather than produce a clean-burning fire.‏

‏Essential Fireplace Tools: Bellows‏

‏Bellows make it easy to fan the flames of your fire. They do this by providing oxygen to the fire, like how you might blow on smaller flames to get a fire started. To use bellows, line the nozzle up with the part of the fire you want to provide oxygen to, and then open and close the bellows. This will send a concentrated stream of air into the fire.‏

‏Log Racks‏

‏A great way to store your logs and create a nice aesthetic in your house is by using a log rack. Storing logs outdoors isn’t the best idea because the rain and snow can dampen the wood. Damp wood causes a smoky burn. Instead, invest in a log rack and store enough wood indoors to last a few fires.‏

Fireplace Screen

‏A fireplace screen creates a barrier between the flames and the room. Embers may fly from the fire, and without protection, they can burn your carpet, drapes, floors, and furniture that is nearby. A fireplace screen acts as a buffer and will block stray embers from damaging your home.

‏Ash Buckets‏ Are Essential Tools for Your Fireplace

‏Ash accumulates in the fireplace and too much will affect your fire. Ash reduces the airflow needed for a fire to burn properly. A great way to remove ash is with a shovel and an ash bucket. Scoop ashes out of the fireplace and into the metal bucket. Make sure the ashes cool completely before disposing of them.

Tools like these are necessary to help build a fire and keep your fireplace safe. Embers from the burning logs may seem small but they can cause damage or even a fire if not tended to promptly. These tools help you safely and easily manage the fire in your fireplace.

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