One of the many advantages of building a home is that you get to make decisions about the layout, size, and other aspects of the construction. You’ll choose what type of roofing materials will be used and select the flooring. You’ll also make smaller choices like lighting types and appliance brands. When discussing options with your builder, consider these features for your new home.

Features to Consider When Building a New Home

Heated Floors

Radiant heated floors have become popular in modern home designs. They offer comfort and convenience during cooler weather. Heated flooring features heating coils or pipes of heated water that run under the flooring material, often tile or hardwood. The heat is turned on using a switch in the room and both types are controlled by a thermostat. Heated floors can be added as a luxury feature to your bathrooms and used to heat colder areas of your home.

Additional Primary Bedroom

When building a new home, talk with your builder about having two primary bedrooms. Having an additional bedroom suite will be useful if you plan to care for an aging parent or relative in the future. Dual suites also add value to your home.

Wine Storage

Make your new home stand out by adding wine storage. If you are a wine connoisseur, a wine cellar should be among the features you consider when building a home. You can choose to use an empty space under the stairs or dedicate an entire room to this purpose. You may also opt to add a bar with glassware and comfortable seating, plus a custom cooler for your reserves.

Sun Tunnels or Skylights are Energy-Saving Features for Your New Home

Sun tunnels are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to brighten up their homes while saving money on lighting costs. These are tubes installed in the roof to allow natural light in the living spaces. Have the builder install skylights or sun tunnels to illuminate darker areas of the home.

Cabinet Lighting

Ask your builder to install under-cabinet lighting to improve visibility while preparing food. Under-cabinet lighting is a feature you can add later, however, built-in lighting is better looking and more durable than adhesive add-ons.

There are different options when it comes to the type of bulbs to use for cabinet lighting. Choose from LED strips that come in different colors or stand-alone bulbs. You can even find battery-operated and rechargeable models so you don’t have to plug in the lights.

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