Whether you’ve lived in your home for a while or you’ve just moved in, there will be a time when you want to upgrade. Remodeling and renovations are major projects that can greatly affect your budget, however, updates don’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of small projects you can DIY to improve your home for less than $100.

‏Improve Your Home with Backyard Lighting‏

‏Upgrading the backyard can be as simple as adding lights. String lights are easy to install and will instantly create a warm, comfortable space. Solar-powered stake lights are also simple to install and use. Push the stakes into the ground where they will be charged by the sun. In the evening, the lights power on automatically, illuminating your walkway and yard.

‏Vintage Hooks‏ for Storage

‏Buying vintage or unique hooks is an inexpensive way to add personality to your bathroom and/or kitchen. Hooks not only add character to your home but are convenient places to store things. Hang towels in the bathroom and use a hook to hold your apron in the kitchen. Install them by the entryway so you have a place for the car keys, umbrellas, and jackets. Hooks also help to cut down on clutter and mess. ‏

‏Improve Your Home with New Faucets‏

‏A new faucet seems like a minor upgrade, but it will affect the look and feel of the entire kitchen. In many kitchens, the sink is a focal point, and installing a new faucet will modernize the space almost instantly. ‏

Bathroom Fixtures

‏For the bathroom, installing new faucets and matching metal fixtures – like towel bars and a new shower head – is a quick and easy upgrade to the functionality and visual appeal of the room.‏

‏Purchase New Rugs‏ to Improve Your Home

A large rug can hide damaged floors, add a pop of color, create a division in a living space, and add to the aesthetic of the room. They are also inexpensive and attractive and add warmth to the space.

‏New Bulbs and Lamp Shades‏

‏Better lighting is another easy way to upgrade a room. Install new LED bulbs to save energy and provide adequate lighting throughout your home. A new shade will update a lamp and add style and personality to an old lamp.

Upgrade to Dimmers Switches

‏To add a degree of sophistication to your home, install dimmer switches for the lighting. Dimmer switches allow you to control the intensity of a light fixture and can help you save money on electricity.

‏Use Mirrors‏ to Improve a Space

‏Large floor-length mirrors make a room feel bigger than it is. It will open up your living spaces without the necessary renovation costs involved with taking down a wall and redoing the floor plan.

Glass Soap Dispensers ‏

‏For a quick, easy, and cost-effective bathroom improvement, purchase glass dispensers for soap. The container is reusable and can be refilled with the liquid soap of choice. You’ll boost the look of the space and cut down on waste by purchasing larger, economical bottles of hand soap.

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