The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a home, so making improvements there can add value to your property. There are many ways to refresh this space without undertaking major renovations. Here are five kitchen remodel ideas that are easy for a homeowner who enjoys tackling projects around the house.

1. Painting is One of the Easiest Kitchen Remodel Ideas

New paint is a simple way to update a room. If painting the entire kitchen is too daunting of a task, highlight one wall with an accent color. This will freshen up the room and create a dramatic effect. If your walls are light-colored, paint one in a dark, richer hue. A contrasting color will make the lighter walls seem brighter.

When painting an accent wall, your project will look best with a clean line between the two shades. The best way to do this is by taking the time to carefully prep the walls.

2. Add a Backsplash

If you are looking for an easy kitchen update, add a backsplash to the area behind the stove or sink. There are easy-to-apply products you can install in a weekend, including stick-on tiles, wallpaper, and sheets of laminate.

Before applying any backsplash, be sure to thoroughly clean the wall. The area behind the stove needs to be degreased and completely dry before installation. Stick-on tiles are easy to apply following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are installing wallpaper, you will need to purchase a few supplies. Laminate sheets make excellent backsplashes because they are easy to clean, just be sure to measure and cut carefully.

3. Change the Hardware

As far as kitchen remodel ideas go, installing new hardware is the easiest. This job only requires basic household tools. Changing out the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls is an easy update to your kitchen. For a modern look, choose shiny stainless steel hardware. For a rustic aesthetic, find knobs and pulls made of white porcelain.

If your cabinets do not have handles, add them for an instant update. Hardware stores sell kits that come with drill bits and templates so you can line everything up perfectly.

4. New Lighting Fixtures

If your existing kitchen lights are outdated, replace them with modern pendant fixtures. Pendant lights look great with or without shades, so this means more customization options for you.

Consider hanging the lights at different lengths for extra interest. Adjust the fixtures so they cascade from the ceiling, providing more light in places where you need it. If the kitchen already has pendant lights, update the look by switching out the shades, adjusting their lengths, or change them out completely.

5. Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Update the Sink

Shop for a new sink and faucet to improve the focal point of your kitchen. The easiest way to tackle this project is to choose a new sink that matches the dimensions of your current one. If you’re opting for a larger sink, you may prefer to hire a professional to properly fit the new basin into the countertop.

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