Is one of your goals for 2020 to sell your house? Preparing to sell a house comes with a long to-do list. Finding a realtor, cleaning, and staging the house are some of the better-known steps. Ordering a pre-listing home inspection is a lesser-known step that is also beneficial to home sellers.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

A pre-listing home inspection helps you get your home ready to sell. Usually, home sellers make improvements to the house before putting it on the market, but they don’t always know where to focus their efforts.

When you order a pre-listing home inspection, you’ll get a professional report detailing any issues with the house, some of which will affect your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Armed with this information, you can spend your time and resources making the most impactful improvements to your home.

Have a Pre-Listing Inspection Report Available to Buyers

In a best-case scenario, your pre-listing home inspection reveals no significant problems. In this case, the report can be used as a marketing tool. When a potential buyer views a professional report detailing the condition of the home, they see the seller as more trustworthy and transparent. This could prompt a hesitant buyer to make an offer.

Make Repairs on Your Own Terms

If you don’t complete an inspection as the seller, the first inspection will be when the buyer orders one. When the buyer’s inspection reveals problems, the response is usually a request for the seller to fix them. At this point, you have a timeline to meet a closing date. It is almost always more financially feasible to make repairs before placing your home on the market rather than in response to a buyer’s requests. Contractors charge more to work within a tight schedule and you won’t have time to shop around.

Reduce Negotiations and Save Time

In a real estate transaction, time is valuable. Have a pre-listing inspection performed at the start of the process to save yourself time during the closing process. Instead of experiencing hold-ups and negotiations as a result of the buyer’s inspection, you will know what to expect and avoid surprises. Sometimes, a buyer will even accept the pre-listing inspection report and forgo another home inspection.

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