When selling your home, you’ll need to get it in shape before putting it on the market. The buyer will order a home inspection to identify any issues with the property. Here are a few ways you can prepare for a home inspection.

Prepare for a Home Inspection By Cleaning the Property

Clean and declutter the inside and outside of the property so that the inspector can access key features of the home. A dirty house may lead a buyer and the inspector to assume that areas of the property are neglected and haven’t been maintained.

Get rid of excess clutter and remove any objects from the walkways or stairways to allow the inspector to move freely. Clear the perimeter so the inspector is able to see the siding, the caulking on doors and windows, and trims. Clear the area of plant growth, stored items, and trash cans to make everything more accessible.

Check the Roof

Examine your roof, which is one of the main features that will be assessed by the inspector. Prepare for a home inspection by cleaning moss and debris from the shingles and gutters. Replace broken or missing shingles. The downspouts should be in good condition and unclogged so the water flows freely. Any damage that is discovered should be repaired before the inspector arrives.

Turn on the Pilot Lights to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Unless your home hasn’t been occupied, the pilot light on the water heater is always on. Turn on the gas fireplace to ensure that its components can be checked by a professional. All utilities should also be on for the inspection.

Change the HVAC Filter

Change the filter on your HVAC unit to promote better airflow. Installing a new filter improves the function of the appliance and will also improve the indoor air quality in the home.

Address Pest Issues

If you have pest problems like signs of termites in the attic or a wasp nest in the backyard, take care of it before the inspection. Pest infestations cause damage to the property and will be noted by the inspector.

Knowing how to prepare for a home inspection makes the process easier for you and the inspector. The home inspector can work at a quicker pace and will have an easier time identifying areas of concern while creating the report.

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