Homeowners should take precautions against the extreme forces of nature that can cause structural damage to their homes. From flooding to hurricanes and everything in between, severe weather can harm your property. Strong winds are one of the most devastating forces that can cause major destruction to your roof, windows, and doors. Here are four ways to protect your home from wind damage this hurricane season.

Install Storm Shutters

Your windows are vulnerable to the high winds from a hurricane or other major storm. Investing in steel storm shutters is well worth it in a strong wind event because they can be closed quickly to immediately protect your property from damage. Although you will have to invest some money to pay for these shutters, it could save you thousands of dollars in repairs. The upfront cost is usually worth it.

Secure The Outside Of Your Home

If you want to protect your home from wind damage, the outside of the home should be carefully checked for potential dangers. Trees around your home with loose or hanging limbs need to be taken down. Any tree that appears weakened or loose should be removed. Increased wind speeds can easily uproot an unstable tree. Look for any items that could cause damage at high speeds such as large pots that have plants in them and outdoor furniture. Move all potential hazards into the garage.

Inspect The Roof

In addition to the windows, the roof is susceptible to wind damage during a storm. Also, loose shingles should be inspected and secured or replaced regularly. When your roof suffers damage from wind, you have an increased risk for water intrusion and flood damage. A waterproof layer under the shingles can be installed to prevent damage in the event any shingles fly off during a severe storm. Your roof is one the most important structures to prepare in order to protect your home from wind damage.

Protect Your Home From Wind Damage With Help from a Home Inspector

A wind mitigation inspection from a professional home inspector is a valuable tool to protect your home from wind damage. The process involves examining the home structures to ensure they are in constructed in a way that would reduce damage from high wind speeds. In addition, your home inspector could suggest adding on a particular feature or repair if they see something at risk. Wind mitigation inspections can also help you save on your home insurance policy.

Protect your home from wind damage by taking effective action. You will you save on costly repair expenses, and your whole family will be much safer in your home.

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