Caring for your roof is an important part of being a homeowner to keep your home protected from the elements. Many people don’t realize when their roof nears the end of its lifespan and is no longer effective, which can lead to water damage and costly repairs. If you want to know the signs for when to replace the roof before it’s an emergency, read our tips below!

Replace the Roof if You Have Frequent Leaks

You may discover water leaks after a rainstorm, but the leaks shouldn’t continue if you get them repaired by a professional. The leaks can develop in unusual areas of the building and can cause water stains to develop. If leaks become widespread over time, it’s best to replace the roof rather than continue to repair leaks and water damage to your home.

Curled Shingle Edges

Curled shingles are common on older roofs and is a sign that you need to replace the roof. Shingles begin to curl naturally due to frequent sun exposure and after they begin to deteriorate. It can be difficult to evaluate the condition of the shingles from the ground, making it worthwhile to hire a professional who can access the roof to take a closer look during an inspection.

Curled shingles are also prone to shedding, which means that you may find a few granules on the ground or in your rain gutters. The granules are what protect the roof from UV rays, meaning that the home is no longer protected once they begin wearing off. The shingles will become brittle and can break off in chunks or start to fall off of the roofing deck.

Poor Tab Adhesion

An additional sign that you need to replace the roof is if you spot poor tab adhesion on the roof deck. It can cause significant damage to the interior of the house when a storm occurs because the roofing materials are at a higher risk of blowing off of the building. You’ll find that many of the shingles are easy to lift up with little effort. High winds will likely force the shingles up and tear them off the roof, which quickly leads to water leaks and structural damage.


You can replace the roof if you notice signs of corrosion, which indicates that the materials are beginning to deteriorate and are no longer in good condition. The parts will need to be replaced when the home is reroofed.

The flashing may also be in poor condition. If the material is lifting away from the building and isn’t sealing it off from leaks, you need to replace the roof to avoid water damage that can occur the next time it rains or snows.

Bald Spots

Once a roof begins to age and is no longer durable, bald spots will develop and can cause the roofing deck to be exposed leaving the building susceptible to damage. Check to see if the roof looks clean and uniform without any areas where shingles or tiles may be missing.

Knowing the signs to look for when you need to replace the roof on your home allows you time to hire a professional for the project when the time is right. With a new roof installed, you’ll increase the value of the home and can have peace of mind knowing the interior of your home is protected.

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