Many people use the week after Thanksgiving to decorate for the holidays. If you’re already pulling your boxes of holiday decorations out of storage in preparation, consider these tips for safely decorating for the holidays.

Practice Ladder Safety

Many holiday decoration plans involve climbing a ladder. Before you climb up on your ladder to begin decorating, familiarize yourself with ladder safety protocols.

Always stand your ladder on flat, stable ground. Never lean your ladder against a door that can be swung open or in a driveway where it could be hit by a vehicle. There are many other ladder safety tips to follow when safely decorating for the holidays that you can read about here.

Plastic Hooks Are Best For Safely Decorating For The Holidays

As you hang stockings, garland, and string lights throughout your home for the holiday season, you might be tempted to use metal thumbtacks, staples, or nails.

Adhesive plastic hooks are the best accessory to use for safely decorating for the holidays. They won’t strip or damage the protective wire coating on your lights. They’re also easy to remove from your walls and won’t leave holes or marks.

Decorate With Electric Candles

Candles are another feature that makes your home feel extra cozy during the holidays, but they are known to get tipped over and cause fires. As a way of safely decorating for the holidays, opt to use battery-powered candles in place of real candles to reduce the risk of a fire.

Turn off Before Turning In

There’s no better way to spend the holiday season than sitting in the warm comfort of your festively decorated living room. Keep in mind that your lights, candles, and fires should be turned off or extinguished if you are asleep or not home.

Although manufacturers design items to meet safety regulations, they can’t account for frayed wires, power surges, or other unforeseen incidents. Leaving your decorations on while you’re asleep is a fire hazard, so safely decorating for the holidays means turning everything off, inside and out.

By safely decorating for the holidays, you can enjoy festivities with your friends and family all season long. Keep these tips in mind as you begin decking the halls.

Happy Holidays from Cabal Inspection Services!