The structural integrity of your home begins with the strength of its foundation. The best way to know your home might have an issue is to look for changes in the property. A leaning chimney or cracks in the wall may mean trouble. Here are some ways to understand common signs of structural problems in your home.

Signs of Structural Problems

Knowing the common signs of structural issues could save your home. Scheduling an annual inspection is a good way to learn about potential structural problems. Throughout the year, keep an eye on the seams around your windows and doors. Check the bricks or stonework for cracks and look for concrete separation from porches, patios, or stairs to make sure your home is free from structural problems.

Separating Porches

Porches that pull away from your home’s exterior are a sign that there’s a structural problem. This type of separation is caused when your house settles in the opposite direction of your porch or other structure, such as a patio or stairs. If you’re experiencing porch separation, hire a professional to make repairs to your home’s foundation to prevent further structural damage.

Cracks in Bricks are Signs of Structural Problems

Cracked bricks or stonework are a common sign that your home is experiencing structural issues. These cracks are the result of uneven settling that puts more weight on one side of your house than the other. They’re easy to spot since they usually occur on exterior walls. Superficial repairs that simply fill in these cracks don’t address the underlying issue. Hire a professional to make the necessary repairs.

Window and Door Frame Gaps

Gaps in the frames of windows and doors may indicate larger structural problems. Small cracks are usually due to walls and floors shifting in different directions. Resealing the cracks is a quick, temporary fix, but you’ll need to hire a professional to determine how serious the underlying issues are.

Leaning or Cracked Chimney

A leaning chimney is an indication that it’s time to get the foundation of your home inspected, especially if it’s starting to pull away from the rest of your house. Your chimney’s stability is often the first sign that there are structural problems. Annual inspections are great for catching foundation issues before they become expensive, time-consuming projects.

Bowed or Cracked Walls are Signs of Structural Problems

The interior of your home can also show problems with its foundation. Bowed walls may be difficult to visually identify, but you’ll notice them more if your home has a basement. This area bears more hydrostatic pressure, which makes inward-bearing curves more noticeable. Cracks in the walls are also signs of structural problems caused by settling. These should be dealt with to protect the integrity of your home’s foundation.

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