Infrared thermal imaging is used in a wide range of fields. This technology detects thermal differences and heat signatures in various objects. Read on to learn why thermal imaging in home inspections is a valuable tool for home inspectors.

How Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections Works

Thermal imaging uses a special device that interprets infrared waves. A skilled inspector with knowledge of thermal imaging knows how to read this visual map of color patterns to identify areas of concern that may otherwise go unnoticed in a general home inspection. Here are some of the more specific uses of thermal imaging in home inspections.

1. Hot Wires Can Be Found With Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections

Electrical wires, outlets, and other features must be well-insulated for safety. A thermal image scan of your walls should not show a heat signature from the electrical wiring. However, wires can be damaged by pests or worn from age. Hot wires, excessive heat from electrical panels, and other signs of overheating may signify an electrical hazard in the home. Further inspection and repair by a licensed electrician may be necessary.

2. Thermal Imaging to Detect Excessive Moisture

Warped or stained drywall may indicate a previous water leak. Water damage is not only expensive to repair, but it may put you at risk for mold growth. In some cases, active leaks are unnoticed by the homeowner and a property inspector because they are behind drywall or otherwise hidden from view. Through thermal imaging, these water issues will show as a cooler than usual thermal signature.

3. Insulation

Insulation is an important component of a home. Insulation may deteriorate over time or become damaged by water or pests. This affects your comfort in the home, energy efficiency, and noise control. Thermal imaging can detect inadequate insulation in the attic and walls.

4. Window and Door Seals

Damaged window and door seals are a common source of energy loss. These seals can be damaged or wear out over time. Small leaks may go unnoticed for months or years, but these leaks can impact energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Thermal images of exterior doors and windows can reveal areas that require new seals.

Thermal imaging in home inspections gives you a more comprehensive report than a visual inspection alone. When you order your next property inspection, find an inspector who offers thermal imaging services.

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