Most builders offer a year-long warranty on new construction. Hire an inspector to perform an 11th-month warranty inspection before the end of your first year in a new home.

Many homeowners neglect to use the warranty because they don’t file a claim in time. Don’t make this mistake. You become responsible for all needed repairs after the warranty expires. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to order an 11th-month warranty inspection.

File Claims for Repairs With an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

The biggest reason to take advantage of your warranty is that the builder will make any needed repairs free of charge. If there is a roof problem, missing or insufficient insulation, an improperly wired outlet, or poorly installed handrails, the builder will be responsible for having the issues fixed.

Some defects will cost you thousands of dollars if found after the warranty runs out. Hire a professional home inspector to discover issues. You’ll have an inspection report to back up your warranty claim.

Many Contractors Built Your Home

Your home builder will have subcontracted some of the work on your home to other contractors. Those contractors typically subcontract out to even more workers. It’s difficult for a builder to keep tabs on all the activities going on during the construction of a new home.

This means components may have been installed incorrectly or detective materials may have been used. An inspector will assess the quality of the construction and the materials used. He or she will report on problems with the home.

Municipal Inspections Aren’t Enough

County or city inspectors probably examined your home just after construction to make sure it was built to code. However, this isn’t the same as a complete home inspection from an independent inspector. Municipal inspections only verify that the minimum standards are met.

An 11th-Month Home Inspection Helps a Future Sale Go Smoothly

You probably aren’t thinking ahead to the day you will sell your home. However, it’s possible that you’ll move someday. When you sell your house, the buyers will order a home inspection. If they find problems, including ones that date back to when your home was built, you may be asked to make repairs or reduce the asking price.

An 11th-month inspection provides useful information after moving into your new home. With the inspection report, you can file a warranty claim and have your builder repair any problems that are found in the inspection.

Cabal Inspection Services offers inspections for home buyers and sellers. Contact us to request an 11th-month inspection.