Electricity offers us many conveniences. It helps control our indoor temperature, illuminates the property’s indoor and outdoor areas, and powers our appliances. While electricity is a staple and necessary in our daily lives, it can also be dangerous. More than 50,000 house fires occur each year due to electrical issues. Here are five common signs of an electrical problem at home.

Burning Smells Suggest an Electrical Problem at Home

While there may be unusual odors from electrical products and other new appliances on first use, it is usually due to the materials or paints used during their manufacturing process. With time, the odor will disappear. However, if you have an appliance or an outlet that emits a burning or fishy smell, the problem should be looked at and repaired immediately by a certified electrician.

Loud Buzzing Noises

When there is a problem with an electrical source in your home, you might start to notice strange humming noises. All switches and plugs in your house should work quietly. If you notice strange sounds, like buzzing or cracking, when something is in use or plugged into an outlet, then there is an issue. It’s best to unplug everything from the outlet and call a certified electrician in to assess and correct the problem.

Unusual Dimming and Flickering Lights

If you find that the lights are flickering and dimming, your wiring may need to be replaced or upgraded. In most cases, this electrical problem occurs due to a sudden increase in an internal electric power surge. This usually occurs because a circuit is overloaded, putting a strain on the electrical system.

Frequent Burning Out of Bulbs

Going through multiple light bulbs in a short period of time could be a sign of an electrical problem. It might indicate close contact with insulation, poor wiring in the circuit, excess power on the whole line, or a loose connection.

Constantly Tripping Breakers Due to an Electrical Problem at Home

When a circuit is subject to an overload, it trips at the circuit breaker. This process keeps the electrical system from overheating and helps eliminate hazards that could result in a fire. If this happens occasionally, it is probably just an appliance overloading the circuit. If the breaker trips often, it means you should have a licensed electrician find the problem and make any needed repairs.

If you are facing any of these problems in your house, it’s time to have your electrical system inspected. An inspector will provide you professional experience and knowledge. They will also advise you on any maintenance needs you should address in the main components of your home.

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